The Point of View Gun - A device created by Douglas Adams for the movie version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  When used on someone, it will cause them to see things from the point of view of the person firing the gun. According to the Guide, the gun was commissioned by the Intergalactic Consortium of Angry Housewives, who were tired of ending every argument with their husbands with the phrase: "You just don't get it, do you?"



We're focused on your business... period. Exclamation point !


And we specialize in small to medium size businesses, heck we're a small business ourselves.


Inexpensive solutions that fulfill your needs that can be implemented quickly and make an impact right away.

Yep, we get it !


(OK, so we're Sci-Fi movie nerds too)


Digital Diner is a privately held company located in Toronto, Canada.

We serve small and medium size business in mostly in Canada, USA, U.K., but some in other countries.

We come to work because we love how the interchange between design,

technology, and data can create some truly wonderful things. 


Digital Diner strengthens your digital presence to drive  sales both on and off line.  Our services cover the full customer online experience from websites and email to search advertising, social media and e-commerce.  

In addition to building great online martketing tools, we provide strategic planning services to help you determine how, where, when and how much to invest in online marketing programs.

Your website is the face of your brand. It also functions as the hub for all of your online marketing efforts.  More than just look pretty, your website needs to effectively capture visitor interest and funnel it towards action, by making your visitors feel right at home and ready to purchase.

  • Website Design & Build

  • Content Creation & Management

  • Domain & Website Hosting

  • Promo Sites & Landing Pages

Regularity and consistent are the keys to email messaging.  Even more important is to ensure that your emails are personal, relevant, and targeted to keep your audience engged and happy to receive your communications while staying compliant with the anti-spam legislation.

  • Email Design & Content Creation

  • List Data Management

  • CASL & CanSpam Compliance

  • Reporting & Analytics

E-commerce requires the ultimate UX design since it needs to accommodate all aspects of the web from information architecture to Internet marketing to user interface design to shopping cart processes. It is a unique discipline that requires extensive experience.

  • Webstores & Catalogs

  • Inventory Management

  • Payment Processing

  • Shipping Integration

The popularity of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, such as Google AdWords, is a testament to how effective and customer focused PPC can be.  The problem is that it’s often not managed effectively.  We manage all the key components of an effective campaign.

  • Search Keyword Analysis

  • Text & Display Ad Design

  • Landing Pages & Data Capture

  • Campaign & Cost Management

Today it’s all about engagement and connecting with people, but it only works if you reach the right people.  We focus on the networks (and the groups within those networks) that target your customers to increase brand awareness, establish connections, and generate product interest.

  • Social Strategy

  • Community Management

  • Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn

  • Blog Design & Management

Whether you’re looking to drive leads or foster relationships we develop data collection and maagement programs that get you there. And we take things further with analytics and reporting intelligence to help you make the key tactical decisions.

  • Data Collection, Surveys, Contests

  • List Management & Segmentation

  • Data Hosting, Transfer, API

  • Privacy Compliance & Audits

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